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Quality interactions are crucial for children's learning and development. Catch up on how children thrive in a classroom environment that provides quality teacher-children interactions and engaging learning encounters!

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Teacher-child interactions during routines, such as mealtimes, can help to support young children’s development. Find out more about the positive aspects of mealtime interactions and how to promote constructive teacher-child conversations through this SKIP study.

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Have you ever thought about how to better support children’s emotional development? Find out how you can help children to identify their emotions and to manage them appropriately.

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The NEL Framework articulates MOE's belief and principles on how children learn and develop, and what constitutes quality pre-school teaching and learning. Read to get more insights of the teaching and learning guidelines.

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Discover how children work and play cooperatively in a group as they learn about some of our local breakfasts and re-create recipes.

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Padi, the little parrot, cannot speak well like the others. Will he give up or keep trying to speak better? How can we make use of his story to encourage our children to develop the learning disposition of perseverance?