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Culture and Festivals

“Maharaja Mangoes” • MOE Kindergartens
Plan meaningful field trips that build upon what children have learnt in class and help them construct new knowledge about the world around them. Check out this example of a field trip to Little India.
“Bunga Manggar” • MOE Kindergartens
Discover how the Concrete-Pictorial-Approach is carried out in an activity using Bunga Manggar as a context to teach part-whole relationships!

“Discovering our Roots” • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112
Help children develop an interest in the world they live in as they discover more about their community and neighbourhood.
“A Peranakan’s World” • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Timah (Blk 305/307)
Provide opportunities for children to gather informRead more...ation from a variety of sources as they find out more about the Peranakan culture through these activities!
“Chinese New Year Celebrations in the Neighbourhood” • Frobel Preschool Ang Mo Kio
Children gain an awareness of the local ethnic culture as they participate in customs and traditions. How can children accomplish that while spreading good cheer around the neighbourhood?

“See-Think-Wonder about Our Heritage” • PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok East Blk 208
Thinking routines like ‘See-Think-Wonder’ can help children develop a sense of wonder and curiosity. Find out more about how cultural artefacts provide a natural context for children to engage in a journey of discovery.
“Elements of Art in Rangoli-making” • Twinklekidz@Bendemeer
Introduce children to elements of art and expose them to a cultural art form – Rangoli.

“The Dragon Boat Festival : An exploration” • The Little Skool-House International (By-the-Vista)
At the core of this project is the belief that children are curious, active and competent learners. Find out how children took charge of their own learning in their 5-week exploration of the Dragon Boat Festival.