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Lesson Ideas

Games around the world

Games are a good way of allowing children to practise and apply what they have learnt while having fun. Thinking of introducing games from around the world? How can you use these games to reinforce numeracy concepts? 

My Super-Bus 

Ever thought of engaging children in problem solving using everyday situations? How can you help children to present their solutions in a creative way? 


Community Centre 

Have you ever wondered about teaching and learning in other pre-school centres? Here are some examples of activity and project ideas that the members of the NEL community have generously shared. Click on to find out more!


Flowers and Fishballs

Ever thought of involving your children as "neighbourhood planners"? What places would they like to have in their neighbourhood? A garden (Flowers), food centre (Fish Balls), playground, train station or community centre?

Maharaja Mangoes

Planning for a field trip? How can the field trip build upon what your children have learnt in class and help them construct new knowledge about the world around them?


Walking Through the Forest

Have you thought of bringing your children on a field trip to a nature reserve in Singapore? What kind of learning opportunities do the wide array of plants, animals and insects present to your children?


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, are my eyes big or small? How can you get your children to observe their facial features and create a self-portrait? 
Where can you find examples of self-portraits by Singapore artists? How can you help your children be confident in talking about the artworks by artists, their friends and themselves?


Little Wayang Boy

Thinking of using local ethnic music to expose your children to elements of music? How can you design activities that encourage them to express their feelings and ideas through music and movement? 


Vanda Miss Joaquim

Have you introduced your children to Vanda Miss Joaquim, our National Flower? What about other national icons and landmarks in Singapore?


Bola Tin

Ever thought of using traditional games to reinforce children’s gross motor skills? How can you scaffold children’s learning in the area of Motor Skills Development?


Bunga Manggar

Thinking of using local content to teach Numeracy? How can you design learning centres to support children’s learning through play?