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Bola Tin


                             Bola Tin


Ever thought of using traditional games to reinforce children’s gross motor skills? How can you scaffold children’s learning in the area of Motor Skills Development?

Find out answers to these questions in this lesson idea that uses the traditional game “Bola Tin” to help children practise and acquire the throwing skill. Children will be given opportunities to explore TWO learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Building on children's curiosity

Build on children's natural curiosity. Let them explore different ways of playing with the equipment or engage them in a discussion using photographs of the game they will be playing to excite them.

Using cues to scaffold children's learning

Use verbal and visual cues to focus your children's attention on the series of actions or movements involved in performing the skill. This scaffolds their learning and helps them to acquire the motor skill more easily.

Providing opportunities for practise    

Provide ample opportunities for children to practise and reinforce the motor skill. Games and relays are good ways to get them to apply what they have learnt. For example, you can incorporate the traditional “Bola Tin” game in a relay in which children take turns to throw the ball at tin cans arranged in the form a pyramid.