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Flowers and Fish Balls


                Flowers and Fishballs

Ever thought of involving your children as "neighbourhood planners"? What places would they like to have in their neighbourhood? A garden (Flowers), food centre (Fish Balls), playground, train station or community centre? 

Here’s a lesson idea to involve children in planning the places they would like to have in their neighbourhood while giving them opportunities to explore in as many as THREE learning areas in an integrated approach!

Your children will get to find out more about people and places around them, reason and make decisions in planning their neighbourhood and exercise their creativity as they work together to make a model of their neighbourhood!

Finding out about places in their neighbourhood


Organise a neighbourhood walk so that children can discover places in their neighbourhood.

Encourage children to talk about the people and places they observed in their neighbourhood.

Planning their neighbourhood

Create a neighbourhood map and let your children on places (e.g., places to have fun, places to buy food etc.) they would like to include in their neighbourhood.

Creating their neighbourhood

Have your children work in small groups. Let their creativity flow as they create a 2- or 3-dimensional model of their neighbourhood using various art and recyclable materials.

Sharing about their neighbourhood

Invite your children to share the model of their neighbourhood with their friends or parents!