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Games around the world

Talking about games from around the world

            Games Around the World


Games are a good way of allowing children to practise and apply what they have learnt while having fun. Thinking of introducing games from around the world? How can you use these games to reinforce numeracy concepts? 

Find out in this lesson idea how you can use games from around the world to provide opportunities for children to practise comparing the quantity of two groups of objects and determining the difference between them. Children will have opportunities to explore THREE learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Talking about games from around the world

Get children interested in the different types of games played in other countries by showing them pictures or photographs and bringing in the objects that are used in the games. Invite the children to guess how the games should be played!

Playing games to practise numeracy concepts

Set up game stations around the classroom and give the children opportunities to try out the different types of games. As they play, have them record their scores and compare their scores to determine the difference between them.

Deciding on their favourite game

Have the children vote for their favourite game by using interlocking cubes to indicate their choice. After voting, invite them to compare the rows of interlocking cubes and determine which game is more popular.