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Little Wayang Boy


             Little Wayang Boy

Thinking of using local ethnic music to expose your children to elements of music? How can you design activities that encourage them to express their feelings and ideas through music and movement? 

Find out answers to these questions in this lesson idea that uses Chinese Opera music to create opportunities for children to understand elements of music while appreciating Singapore’s multi-racial society. Children will be given opportunities to explore TWO learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Introducing ethnic music


Introducing ethnic music provides opportunities for children to make connections with sounds and musical events that they may have encountered in their daily lives. Use video clips, pictures and books for your children to observe, listen and find out more about ethnic music.

Expressing ideas and feelings through music and movement

Children love moving, dancing and exploring with their bodies. Encourage your children to move freely in response to ethnic music. Use ethnic percussion instruments to reinforce the musical concept.

Creating music and movement through experimentation and imagination

When children explore different movements and instruments to create different sounds, they become involved in active music-making. This provides opportunities for them to acquire musical knowledge and skills.
Invite your children to put up their own Chinese Opera performance based on a simple story. Encourage them to use movements and create rhythms that reflect the musical concept they have learnt.