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Maharaja Mangoes


              Maharaja Mangoes

Planning for a field trip? How can the field trip build upon what your children have learnt in class and help them construct new knowledge about the world around them? This lesson idea may help you answer these questions by showing how you can actively involve your children before, during and after a field trip to Little India. Children will be given opportunities to explore as many as THREE learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Refer to the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Educators’ Guide, Volume 1 pp. 41 to 49, for more information on planning for field trips.

Before the field trip: Inviting interest

mangoes_1.jpg mangoes_2.jpg
Before the field trip to Little India, bring authentic Indian accessories to class to pique your children’s interest.

Draw their attention to the mango motifs (paisley patterns) on the accessories and encourage them to ask questions related to the mango motifs.

Get your children excited as they prepare for their “mango motif hunt” in Little India!

During the field trip: Facilitating learning

mangoes3.jpg mangoes4.jpg
Having visual cues and/or concrete materials help children in their hunt for the mango motif. Encourage them to use their senses to observe the environment and experience the atmosphere. Point out interesting things to them.

Take photographs of your children in action!

Note: Remember to do the necessary administrative procedures and reccé the place before your trip to be fully prepared!

After the field trip: Consolidating learning

Go through the questions that the children had asked before the field trip and encourage them to talk about what they have learnt. Use the photographs taken during the field trip as visual cues to help them recall their experience. 

Provide opportunities for your children to apply what they have learnt by writing a class story or creating mango motif designs.