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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


     Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Mirror, mirror on the wall, are my eyes big or small? How can you get your children to observe their facial features and create a self-portrait? 

Where can you find examples of self-portraits by Singapore artists? How can you help your children be confident in talking about the artworks by artists, their friends and themselves?

Here’s a lesson idea that weaves in a visit to National Gallery Singapore where children can observe how Singapore and Southeast Asian artists have painted their self-portraits and explore using different craft materials to create their own portraits. Children will have opportunities to explore TWO learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Developing observation skills

Play a guessing game with your children. Use sticky notes to cover the facial features of one of their friends in a close-up photograph. Remove the sticky notes one at a time to gradually reveal the facial features and invite them to guess who that person is.

Get the children to sit in front of a mirror. Encourage them to talk about what they see while modelling the use of words to describe their facial features.

Viewing and talking about artworks

MalayWoman.jpg FooCheeSan.jpg SelfPortrait.jpg
Cheong Soo Pieng
Malay Woman
Oil on board
Collection of National Gallery Singapore

Lim Yew Kuan
Mr Foo Chee San
Woodblock Print on Paper
Collection of National Gallery Singapore

Georgette Chen
c. 1946
Oil on canvas
Gift of Lee Foundation
Collection of National Gallery Singapore

Visit National Gallery Singapore with your children to view the self-portraits of selected Singapore and Southeast Asian artists. Encourage the children to talk about what they see and how they feel about the artworks.

Making art using a variety of materials

mirror_3.jpg mirror_4.jpg

Encourage the children to look at the mirror when drawing their self-portraits.
Provide a variety of materials for them to complete their self-portrait.

Appreciating completed art works

mirror6.jpgInvite a few children to show their self-portrait and talk about the materials they used.

Encourage the other children to give their comments on what they like about their friends’ artworks.