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My Super-Bus


Ever thought of engaging children in problem solving using everyday situations? How can you help children to present their solutions in a creative way?

In this lesson idea, find out how you can use buses, a form of public transport familiar to children, to bring out their inventiveness and imagination as they suggest ways to resolve some of the difficulties they face while riding it. Children will have opportunities to explore THREE learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Playing a guessing game

Spark children's interest by playing a guessing game with them. Have them listen to the clues and draw the object as it is being described. Invite them to share what they have drawn and talk about what they think the object is.

Talking about their personal experiences

Using photographs of buses in the past and present, get the children to talk about similarities and differences between them based on their observations. Next, encourage the children to talk about their personal experiences of taking the bus and problems they may have encountered while riding it. Make a list of the problems based on their responses.

Creating their own "super-bus"

Have the children suggest different ways of solving the problems they encountered while riding the bus. Encourage them to be as inventive and creative as possible. Allow the children to bring their solutions to life by creating a 3-dimensional model of their "super-bus" using a variety of recycled materials. Invite them to talk about the features of their "super-bus".