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Nature Reserve


             Walking Through the Forest


Have you thought of bringing your children on a field trip to a nature reserve in Singapore? What kind of learning opportunities do the wide array of plants, animals and insects present to your children?

Here’s a lesson idea that allows children to record their observations as they explore the nature reserve, talk about their findings and explore TWO learning areas through an integrated approach.

Your children will find out more about the plants and animals in the nature reserve, and gain an interest in the world that they live in through this field trip!

Bring in the forest!


Bring local flora and fauna into your classroom to stimulate children's discussion!

Have the children been to a rainforest, a nature reserve or a park? Invite them to share their experiences.

Where are we going?

Introduce the nature reserve that the children will be visiting by showing them pictures or brochures of the place.

Encourage them to ask questions about the plants and animals they may see at the nature reserve. Record their questions using a graphic organiser.

We're going a a Field Trip!

Have the children make simple recordings of their observations of the plants and animals in the nature reserve by drawing and writing.

Sharing our observations

After the field trip, invite your children to share their observations and talk about what they have learnt. Write a class story about the field trip to help them consolidate their learning.