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Vanda Miss Joaquim


                 Vanda Miss Joaquim


Have you introduced your children to Vanda Miss Joaquim, our National Flower? What about other national icons and landmarks in Singapore?

Find out in this lesson idea how you can do this using the Singapore coins (Third Series) while helping them hone their observation skills and talking about what it means to be Singaporean. Children will have opportunities to explore TWO learning areas through an integrated approach in this learning experience.

Honing their observation skills

Help your children hone their observation skills by looking at a subject in detail. Have them use the magnifying glass to examine the Singapore coins (Third Series) and look for icons/landmarks on them. Use prompts and questions to guide them as they talk about their observations.

Talking about their personal interests

Display photographs of the icons/landmarks featured on the coins and have the children match them with the images on the coins. Encourage them to share their personal experiences of visiting these landmarks to make their learning more authentic and meaningful.

Talking about what they know and feel about Singapore

Help your children to be aware of their personal identity as a Singaporean. Invite them to talk about what they know and how they feel about Singapore.