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What it is

  • Positive behaviours and attitudes to learning
  • Important for life-long learning
  • Encapsulated in the acronym, PRAISE

What it means


  • Listen to the views of others
  • Show respect for others

Why is it important


  • Helps children work as a team and learn from all

Photo Story

How can you nurture appreciation in your children?

You can nurture appreciation in your children by designing the learning environment, planning meaningful learning experiences, and modelling through appropriate behaviour and language. Check out the photo story below for some ideas!

Design the learning environment

Seat the children in small groups to facilitate easy discussion among them.

Plan meaningful learning experiences

Provide children with opportunities to work together, such as using each other for support as they work on developing their sense of balance.  

Plan meaningful learning experiences

Design activities that promote free expression so that children will value different viewpoints. Have you considered how different children may interpret the same piece of abstract art?

Plan meaningful experiences

Read stories that celebrate individuality to help children recognise that everyone is unique.

Plan meaningful experiences

Engage the children in experiences that incorporate their friends’ ideas, such as coming up with different actions for a song, or ideas for a class project.

Model through appropriate language and behaviour

Give positive feedback to demonstrate appreciation for the children and their individual strengths. 

Model through appropriate language and behaviour

Celebrate with your children the positive moments that occur throughout the day. 

Local Story

The Best Party Ever!

The main character in the story demonstrated appreciation when he respected his friends, valued what they said and learnt from them. Use this story to guide children through the process of recognising and valuing the disposition of appreciation!

The Best Party Ever.jpg