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Sense of wonder and curiosity

What it is

  • Positive behaviours and attitudes to learning
  • Important for life-long learning
  • Encapsulated in the acronym, PRAISE

What it means


  • Not afraid to ask questions on why things happen and how things work
  • Interest to explore and discover new things

Why is it important


  • Natural instinct of children to be curious
  • Creates interest and excitement in learning and encourages exploration

Photo Story

How can you nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity in your children?

You can nurture a sense of wonder and curiosity in your children by designing the learning environment, planning meaningful learning experiences, and modelling through appropriate behaviour and language. Check out the photo story below for some ideas!

Design the learning environment

Set up class displays that tap on children’s natural curiosity.

Design the learning environment

Select resources that encourage children to explore and find out more about their topics of interest.

Design the learning environment

Invite children to explore and discover through your learning centres! What can you place there?

Plan meaningful learning experiences

Develop their observational skills by encouraging them to look for interesting things around them.

Plan meaningful learning experiences

Let the children explore and examine new objects – have you tried feely bags or mystery boxes?

Plan meaningful experiences

Encourage your children to ask questions about things that interest them!

Plan meaningful experiences

Have you considered the use of approaches such as “See-Think-Wonder”?

Plan meaningful experiences

Provide your children with opportunities to experiment and investigate to find out the outcomes of their predictions!

Model through appropriate language and behaviour

Ask children open-ended questions that encourage them to think and explore!

Model through appropriate language and behaviour

Assure children that it is okay not to have all the answers to their questions. Encourage them to find out the answers!

Local Story

The Best Party Ever!

The main character in the story is very interested in the environment around her. As she explores through her different senses, she asks questions to help her make sense of the world. Use this story to guide children through the process of recognising and valuing the disposition of sense of wonder and curiosity!